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The Tiny Takeaway has received such positive praise from customers new and old at the Food Events I have attended so far this year Kendal , Chester and Christchurch it really is great to meet people and hear such great praise its definitely worth all the hard word. Thank You.

Time for change.....after seven lovely years trading at Stockport and Ashton Markets I have decided after a lot of uncertainty that I wont be trading going forward. The footfall on both these Markets is ever decreasing and as you can appreciate I have to pay rent and parking and then stand for hours and hours usually wet and cold. Producing my spices by hand is so labour intensive I need to make the best use of my time which is also ever decreasing.

It is my intention to ...continue with my online sales and have local stockists.

I will really miss both markets as that is where my journey began especially all my loyal customers and hilarious fellow traders after seven happy years but I cannot exist on how things used to be....its not the end of the road just a change of direction.

Watch this space for details of more local stockists.

Marina x

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