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Apologies that it is now August.... time flies by so quickly :

So at the start of the Year I decided that I will no longer take my Tiny Takeaways on Tour around the UK partly due to the year on year rent increases and travel and accommodation costs but mainly to concentrate solely on producing for my online sales website which is open for orders 365 days a year with the odd exception here and there to rest my busy hands :)

As it is local to me I will however be attending my eighth one wow time flies as I said.

Its a free event to attend unless you want to visit the celebs in attendance its This August Bank Holiday Weekend. With 250k visitors last year stock up early as once they are gone they are gone...well as I said you can always order online.

Big Thanks to one of my customers for sending in a recent image of my Chicken Korai he rustled up recently looks delicious.


Hope to see you soon


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